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Step 2

You must have a SpringRole account to start verification. Either signup or login if you already have an account. 

Step 3

Create your company’s profile page on SpringRole. 

You can enter -

  • Company name

  • Website domain

  • A tagline

  • Upload a logo

Step 4

Validate your email address. Please note that your email address submitted for validation must be from the same domain as your company’s website.

Step 5

Next, validate your company domain ownership -

  • Download the html file given

  • Place this file under root directory of your domain

  • Come back and click ‘verify’

Step 6

Reserve your company URL on SpringRole

Step 7

Sign with your personal ETH address to verify your representation of ownership of the company

Step 8

You will be asked to enter a password for your  company ETH address’s keystore file. Your company’s ETH address will created and you will be prompted to download the keystore file. Please make sure to save this ETH address as this will be used for all future transactions of your company

Step 9

List the advisors you want to verify and attest. You will need their email address as well

Step 10

Pay for the verification on SpringRole. Use coupon code if you have

Upon successful payment -

Step 11

Make the claim of your advisors in any one of the two ways

  1. Sign the advisor and you can save (write) the claim onto the blockchain yourself. For this you would have to switch your metamask to use the custom RPC of our PoA network

  2. Sign the advisor and you can request SpringRole to save (write) the claim onto the blockchain 

Step 12

You are done! Wait for your advisor to acknowledge the request and upon successful verification all verified advisors will be listed on your company SpringRole page