Every user signing up on the platform begins by creating a profile and adding credentials such as educational qualifications, work experience, and skills. These credentials go through one or more of the three levels of verification, namely L1, L2 and L3 before they are confirmed and written onto the blockchain. The L1 process is more or less of an automated process which involves reaching out to peers and references provided by the candidate.

The L2 verification process involves a verification done by a third party service provider. SpringRole is building up a marketplace of these service providers and has already tied up with companies like IDfy for the same. It also permits clients to integrate their existing verification service providers to integrate with SpringRole's platform. The third layer of verification, L3, involves direct verification from the candidates’ employers and educational institutions for which SpringRole is building a network of companies, educational institutions, and other certification partners to be integrated on to its own platform.

The companies can choose the level of verification they require. The L1 verification is offered free by the platform.